Elevating Lives, One Treatment at a Time.

At Elevated Beauty, we don’t just enhance your appearance; we transform your life. Elevated Beauty is a sanctuary where advanced aesthetics meet personalized care. Here, each treatment is an art form, meticulously crafted to reveal your natural beauty.


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Welcome to Elevated Beauty…

Where Transformation Meets Artistry

At Elevated Beauty, each treatment is more than a procedure; it’s a transformation. Guided by Monse’s expertise, we offer a journey that goes beyond skin deep, touching lives and reshaping self-perceptions.


Do You Feel Like Your Skin Is Sagging, Dehydrated, or Losing Its Firmness?

Our “Injection of Youth” treatment is specifically designed to address these concerns, offering skin tightening and lifting effects like never before.

World Class Expertise

Monse brings a global perspective to aesthetic treatments, offering advanced techniques that are among the most cutting-edge in the world.

Personalized Care

We see you. Every treatment is tailored to your unique needs, ensuring results that are not just visible but deeply personal.

Innovative Treatments

From lip fillers to PCDC Lipodissolve, our range of services is designed to address every aesthetic need.

Immediate Results

Most of our clients see instant results, and the effects only get better with each session.

Our Services

At Elevated Beauty, we believe in enhancing your natural beauty with a range of specialized treatments. Our services, including dermal fillers, Botox, and microneedling, are designed to rejuvenate and refresh your appearance, making you feel as beautiful outside as you are inside.



Smooth Out Wrinkles and More — Anti Wrinkle Injections (Botox, Dysport, Xeomin) are not just about smoothing out wrinkles; they are a versatile treatment that can slim the face and even help control headaches. Our individualized treatment plans ensure you get the best results with minimal discomfort.



Enhancing Youthful Appearance — Dermal fillers are a fantastic way to reduce wrinkles and restore volume to your face. At Elevated Beauty, we use the latest techniques to ensure natural-looking results, tailored to your unique facial structure.



Rejuvenating Your Skin — Our Signature Glow Skin Package combines microneedling with medical-grade chemical peels and skincare to improve skin texture and tone. This personalized package is designed to reduce signs of sun damage, fine lines, and dull skin.



Achieving Plump and Glamorous Lips — Lip fillers are a popular choice for enhancing lip volume and appearance. We ensure a comfortable process with lasting results, helping you maintain a glamorous pout.

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Don’t Just Take Our Word For it…

Step Into Your New Self

Your journey to transformation begins here. At Elevated Beauty, we’re not just changing appearances; we’re elevating lives, one treatment at a time. Are you ready to embrace the change?